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Jul. 26th, 2003 @ 02:50 pm Agent 00Sort and his run in with the State Trooper
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It was Friday, everyone’s favorite day of the week being the last day of work before the much more fun and entertaining weekend. With the sun blazing overhead, cool breeze coming in through the windows and sunroof, it was indeed the markings of a good day.

Agent 00Sort was done with yet another day of work, and thus proceeded to return to his humble abode in order to meet up with Civilian Aexx before going to operation BBQ which was occurring at uberfluffy’s abode later in the evening. Once the secret agent ID badge was off, the sunglasses went on, and 00Sort hopped into his car Mahou to begin his trek. Cruising along the highway without too much impeding traffic was the way to go, as the DC suburban area is particularly known for its horrible traffic conditions.

All of a sudden, Agent 00Sort noticed, out of a corner of his eye, that one of the cars in the traffic going the other direction had flashed their headlights. Now this was in the middle of a bright and sunny day, so it was certainly an unusual event. He contemplated what could cause someone to flash their headlights randomly while driving on a highway. Perhaps they were fiddling with their cruise control or turn signals and accidentally turned their lights on, and then decided to turn them off. That still seemed rather odd, as he thought about this some more, and then deciding against it, as it was a flash of headlights rather than the slow delay of realizing that they were on and shutting them off after a couple of seconds.

After a few moments, the realization hit him. The flashing was used by people in the other direction to tell drivers that there was a police officer ahead pulling people over for speeding. Agent 00Sort quickly looked around the road while tapping on the brakes, making a mental note of what he saw: “shoulders on the right clear, various cars going the same speed, signs for the next exit, a car that is passing him at his new slower speed, unmarked car on the right shoulder, pothole…. UNMARKED CAR?!?! CRAP!” And then he saw the officer who was walking along the shoulder walking alongside the unmarked car. This officer was a State Trooper. In true State Trooper hardcore fashion, he calmly walked out into the middle of the highway with traffic going past him at well over 80mph, pointed at Agent 00Sort, and then pointed at the shoulder and stayed there.

Agent 00Sort realized that he had no choice but to obey the State Trooper, knowing clearly that he was speeding, though there were other faster cars. Thus he pulled over, rolled down his window, and waited for the State Trooper to walk up to his car. The State Trooper, being completely badass was quick and to the point. No mention of how fast 00Sort was going, just quickly asking for the license and registration. 00Sort complied and handed these papers to the State Trooper, who took them and brought them over to his unmarked police vehicle, to write up this speeding violation.

A few minutes passed, as Agent 00Sort was wondering how he’s deal with the speeding violation. He contemplated showing the State Trooper his secret ID to get out of the ticket, but he suspected that the hardcoreness of the State Trooper would mock him. He then decided that could prolly just go into court, argue it, and get the points off and pay the fine. That wouldn’t be too bad he decided, as he wouldn't get even more ridiculous insurance rates beyond being a male under 25 driving a brand new 2 door coupe. Then the State Trooper came back with the paper, and handed it to 00Sort. Before 00Sort had a chance to even look at the paper, the State Trooper said to him, “2 points $70 fine”. 00Sort started to think that this wasn’t too bad, and was wondering how fast he was clocked at and was pondering looking at the paper. And the State Trooper continued, “is what you would’ve gotten, but I’m just giving you a warning this time. By the way, that’s a really nice looking car, who makes it?” 00Sort replied, and then he and the State Trooper said their farewells, and 00Sort continued on his drive home, making sure not to drive over the posted speed limit for the rest of the trip.

Funny how having an nice looking car can get one out of speeding tickets. Isn’t it?
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Date:July 27th, 2003 09:53 am (UTC)
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Heh. Yay Minipower!

Kind of reminds me of the time I got pulled over going 55 in a 25 (oops) and after talking to the officer for a minute she looks at me and says "you look familiar... do I know you?" Turns out we'd chatted at the fire station a week or so before. So instead of an insane fine and points, I got a "watch out for those 25 zones and hopefully I'll see you around." :)

Much better than a ticket.
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Date:July 27th, 2003 10:10 am (UTC)
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Was she cute?
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Date:July 27th, 2003 10:52 am (UTC)
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Actually yeah, kinda. I don't go for the cop type though, but objectively yes, she was.

And regardless, I was just glad not to get a huge ticket and lots of points. It's nice to be lucky sometimes.
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Date:August 1st, 2003 05:54 pm (UTC)
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Dude, what's up with you and Fluffy getting sweet cars? I just got a 12 year old hand-me-down. Better than nothing, I guess. Sigh, I should have income again in 2009.