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Jan. 4th, 2007 @ 10:36 am Operation: Survive 2006... MISSION COMPLETE!
Highlights or perhaps lowlights:
  • Work is still going well.  I have this strange feeling that I've been rather stagnant about it(been at the same company for 2.5 years now), though I've taken on a fare share of new responsibilities and they seem to enjoy showering me with money.  I've now moved to a location in Burke which is a less exciting locale than the previous digs in Springfield, but I get to relive some of my days as a network administrator on the side.
  • Wussed out of doing Iron Editor at ACen this year.  I suppose I should make up for it at some point, but I honestly can't remember how to edit anymore and wouldn't put on a good show at all for the audience. 
  • SALCELAND(both iterations) and dpbcon 2006 both were amazing times.  Much drunken fun was to be had.  I expect both events to continue on the trend towards bigger and better in 2007.
  • Slacked on 365 Beer with only 70 beers drunk.  Perhaps this year I'll try to break 100, and try out 365-Game where I stand a much better shot of actually making the mark.  Speaking of video games, I finally picked up a 1.5 PSP, and promptly started hacking the firmware to make it do things that Sony doesn't want you to do.  Then again, the first thing that I did with it was to emulate a current versioned PSP to play games on it.
  • Went to China.  Saw lots of fascinating sites and sounds.  Lived like a rockstar(the exchange rate works out well in my favor).  Ate tons of delicious food(they really care about it far more than Americans do).  Still need to post my pile of photos from that trip.  Came back to find DC underwater.
  • Still playing far too much World of Warcraft.  Contrary to [info]stealthhe's mocking on IRC, my role playing(read carebear) server's performance in PvP has been fairly successful(at least in the groups that I run with).
  • My family's yearly ski trip failed to involve any actual skiing due to rain.  I did wind up reading the entire Ender's Shadow series again during that time.
  • New Years up in Pittsburgh was probably the most fun for me that it's ever been.  Ate at many of my favorite Pittsburgh dining establishments.  Competed with muffinsicon in the Forks vs Chopsticks eating challenge.  The speed editing aspect was deemed to be a draw, but through much deliberation on the part of the judges I was deemed to win based on the style component.  Mad props to the party.council++  for setting a new bar for our New Years celebrations.  Much love to the Harris.grill++ as well for having a waitstaff that got me drinks far before I could realize that I was about to empty my current one out at the NYE party.  It was such a good time that when the party was over, I realized that it never even occurred to me to take random photos of folks while there.

I do like[info]kissmary 's todo lists, so I'll go with that instead of the traditional resolutions(which never last into February anyways).
  • Keep in closer touch with friends.  I have an annoying habit of getting lazy and drifting apart from folks after I haven't seen them in a while.  I need to fix that.
  • Return to being a news junkie.  I cut myself off of reading up on news a while back since I realized how much time I was spending on it, but a middle ground can certainly be reached.
  • Manage my money better.  Since my monthly money in always dwarfs my money out, I've had little motivation to budget.  But still I should work on investing surpluses in a more intelligent fashion.
  • Get into HDTV.  I've been thinking about it for a while, and with 1080p content becoming more prevalent it's time to upgrade my projector system.  Sadly, I think I'll be going with the LCD route though thus downgrading my screen size.  Hopefully OTA HD reception in my area will be pretty good so that I can upgrade my PVR box to handle such broadcasts.
  • Become better organized.  My piles of digital content are a mess.  I have tons of unmarked photos, and the further that I get behind, the less motivation I have to work on them.  Apple does have some wonderful offerings for doing so.  My mac mini was sufficient before, but nowadays my supply of content has grown to the point where it can't handle all of it anymore in a speedy fashion.
  • Engage in some form of creative pursuit.  After I stopped doing amvs, I feel like I've accomplished less in a year somehow.
  • Hone my mental sharpness.  It's not that I feel stupider, there's just lots of times where I don't feel as quick taking mental leaps as I used to be able to do.  The brain's like a muscle, and I haven't been exercising it lately.
  • Eat better.  While I do spend a reasonable amount of time in fine dining establishments, on a day to day basis I tend to eat food that's terrible for me.  On the other hand, I seem to be losing a small amount of weight while eating what amounts to junk food.
Edit: Livejournal's Rich text editor sucks rocks, and it doesn't convert into the HTML crap properly.
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Date:January 4th, 2007 05:54 pm (UTC)
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You need to add "Knock it off with that WoW crap and play more DotA" to your Todo list.
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Date:January 4th, 2007 10:36 pm (UTC)
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What this jackass (who sucks at DOTA) said.
Date:January 4th, 2007 07:31 pm (UTC)
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Invest your money in me!!!