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May. 25th, 2004 @ 04:14 pm Pam's Graduation
Heading out to St. Louis for Pam’s graduation was certainly an entertaining time, though it definitely reminds me why I could never live in the Midwest - there’s just so little to do there.

Oddly enough, they had the departmental ceremonies where they handed out the diploma cases on the day before the actual conferrals of degrees. Thus all of the parents got lots of extra time to take pictures of their beloved children in their graduation attire. For their departmental student speaker, they had a girl who sounded like she was 12, who started off with a great line: “My dad always told me that speeches are like presents, the best ones come in small packages.” After saying this, she droned on for 45 minutes about bubbles of some variety or another, needless to say, this was an absolutely terrible and painful speech to listen to.

The actual commencement speaker was Thomas Friedman, a 3 time Pulitzer winning columnist for the New York Times. His speech was probably one of the best commencement speeches that I’ve ever heard. Granted this is being compared to the one for my graduation(Tom Ridge who tried recruiting people for the newly formed DHS, and Teresa Heinz-Kerry who spouted out an equally political speech of the liberal persuasion. Friedman’s speech was much more inspiring and focused more on convincing people to play the What if? game and think for themselves. Still, as good as this particular speech was, it’s nothing compared to Jon Stewart’s commencement speech.

Outside of the graduation itself, to entertain ourselves, we wound up going to the City Museumand the Gateway Arch. The City Museum is a very unique place where they take all sorts of random junk that they’ve found and constructed many different areas where you get to climb, squeeze, and jump around. It’s a great deal of fun if you don’t mind getting a little dirty(and if you’re short it’d make it massively easier to get around through some of the tighter portions). The Gateway Arch was the same as it’s always been – tall and archlike. Though they did have one of the silliest security procedures out there: When I was walking through the metal detector, I had forgotten that my shoes had a bit of metal in them while I was removing the rest of the assorted metal that I have on me to be xrayed. Thus I set off the metal detector, and was told to lift of my pants so that they could see if I had any knives hidden in my socks, and noting that I didn’t have a knife in my socks or sticking out of my shoe, they let me pass on my merry way.

But various random photos from the trip:

And now back in MD, I can now hear the constant drone of the Brood X cicadas all over the place. Even though my parents home is relatively new(and thus have killed the cicadas in the ground) they are still audible from there and thus in 17 years, we'll have our own infestation there.
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