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Oct. 6th, 2002 @ 04:33 pm Muffin's exciting week of increasingly crazy parties
After many weeks of intense work from the start of school, Muffin finally had a week where he could feel justified in having a bit of fun with some friends of his. He started off with skipping an AB Tech event on Wednesday to go to a dinner for the cooking group with Fluffy. Muffin was glad that he helped form this cooking group, as it involved him being able to make and sample various types of food that the people in it can make. Fluffy’s menu for the evening consisted Banana Bread, Southwestern Pasta, Garlic Rosemary Mashed Potatoes, and Beef Bourguignon. Lots of people were there, and Muffin was glad that he got to hang out with people that he didn’t generally see on a regular basis, like Wendy, Matt, Conrad, Mason, Lee, Sarah, Fluffy, Dan, and Andrea. Dinner was very tasty, and Muffin was impressed at the cooking ability that Fluffy has gained over the summer. Muffin made a note to eat more of Fluffy’s cooking in the future.

The group that was there decided to see the Tuxedo afterwards, and Muffin thought about it for a bit, and decided that this Jackie Chan flick would definitely be an entertaining way to end the evening. People tried calling Kevin since he wanted to be updated on any sorts of interesting activities for the evening, but Kevin wasn’t picking up his cell phone. Muffin suspected that Kevin would be bitter afterwards and claim that people didn’t make an effort to contact him. He made a note to ignore the IRC channel later in the evening since he didn’t want to deal with such bitterness. Before the movie, there were many interesting previews, including one for Shaolin Soccer. At first, Muffin thought that this was the movie that he had come to see, until he realized that the martial arts that were in the movie were not done by Jackie Chan. This process took a while, because as far as Muffin’s concerned, all asians looked alike. The actual movie was quite entertaining as far as Muffin was concerned.

Muffin spent Friday fairly bored, and was just wondering about interesting ways to spend his time then. He was just considering doing his hair again when Kevin called him, and invited him to go see the Scotch and Soda show with him, which incidentally enough happened to be Hair. After looking at the program, Muffin realized that he was actually in there for having spent a couple of hours working on it, so he managed to get a free pass to see it. This pleased Muffin greatly, though Muffin didn’t really mind spending 3 dollars to see what could potentially be a good show. The back of the program had a warning about content and partial nudity, and Muffin was quite excited about the prospects of the amount of nudity that could be present in this show. When they got into McConomy, Muffin had this sudden feeling that he was being watched. This was probably just his paranoia acting up again. He made a note to get this looked into in the future.

Since the group that Muffin went with included several Scotch and Soda people and AB Techers, they were asked to sit in the second row, to keep a buffer of people that knew not to destroy the equipment that was sitting in the first row. The feelings of being watched were becoming persistent, and Muffin considered if there was any truth to this paranoia. He looked to his sides, and they were all people that he knew. He looked to the front, and could see a bunch of lighting equipment. None of these could account for the intense feeling of being watched that he was experiencing. Perhaps looking behind him would result in more information about who was spying upon him. He slowly turned his head in each direction, didn’t see anyone over his left or right shoulder, and concluded that there was no one there. And yet these feelings persisted. Muffin realized that there was a blind spot in his search pattern – directly behind him. When he investigated that spot, he found a young girl who he realized had been stalking him for a while. He talked with her a bit before the show, and decided that he would send the rest of the evening getting to know her better, as she was fairly attractive.

This plan wouldn’t be set into motion until after the show, so Muffin just contented himself with the partial nudity that the program promised. The show was entertaining, there were many good songs, but he was disappointed by the amount of nudity. Most of the actors were completely clothed, and were wearing a remarkable amount of underwear in Muffin’s opinion. The only bit of partial nudity was seeing Jon Ames in an orange thong, which just wasn’t what Muffin wanted to see, or at least claimed that he didn’t want to see, because he was still putting on his straight act. At least later in the evening, Muffin did eventually part ways with the group that he went to see Hair with, and spent lots of quality time with his stalker.

On Saturday, Muffin was invited to go to goth night with Matt and Conrad, as well as to Mason’s party. He enjoyed dancing in the previous times in which he had gone with them, and he figured that the male to female ratio would be better at the club than at Mason’s party, and thus his decision was made. He had to compete with Matt for the affections of Conrad, and yet she seemed resilient and kept pushing the two of them away. Muffin thought that this was completely irrational, and considered prospects with the other women that were at the club. Overall this was a good morale booster for Muffin, and he decided to make a active effort to spend more time with his stalker, and thus increase his chances of being in the dating state.
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Date:October 6th, 2002 07:24 pm (UTC)

the saga continues!

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yay! I'm so happy that the adventures of lee and muffin have continued on in lj form.. i was missin' them!!!

ps- i need to learn to proof my comments before posting them.. ;) silly me!