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Sep. 2nd, 2002 @ 01:34 am Excitement of the labor day weekend!
Muffin woke up today, being oddly refreshed and energetic. It had been a fairly tiring week, as it was not only the first week of classes for this semester, but the first week of classes as a grad student. He was eagerly waiting for this week over the summer because he and Sarah would be sharing an office together. The week beforehand was spent preparing - cleaning their shared office, setting up a computer for her, as well as other things to make it feel like home for the both of them. The week went well, Sarah seems to enjoy the office.

There was also many other people to see, as many of Muffin's friends had just returned to campus. It was very good to see so many of the people that he knew, and to catch up on the latest summer happenings. Seeing Fluffy was particularly surprising because Fluffy cut his hair short and was at about the same length as Muffin's hair. In fact, Muffin noted that Fluffy's hair looked fairly like his own. In fact, upon some further pondering, Fluffy now looks a fair bit like Muffin. Muffin wondered if it'd be good to have Fluffy looking like him, on one hand, they looked pretty good, but on the other hand, Muffin might have some competition for attention with Fluffy looking like him. This will have to involve some further observation of Fluffy's behaviour, and Muffin decided to chart his course of action after getting more information.

After Muffin had gotten up, he wondered why he seemed to be so energetic. Perhaps it was the eagerness to finally play in Sarah's new DND game. Muffin had been spending a lot of time with her this week, but he had been looking forward to playing his gnomish bard in her game ever since he made the character several weeks ago during the summer. Muffin decided that he really really really really wanted to play a gnome so that he could explore those aspects of his personality. Perhaps those extra reallys were really unnecessary, but he's just trying to think the same way that his character things to be able to role play him better. Still, it is less absurd than the sentance that uses "that" 5 times in a row correctly - "He said that that 'that' that that man said was correct." Muffin suspected that since Sarah and Lee had just moved in, that they wouldn't have snacks for DND, and thus decided instead of going to CVS to purchase some at their expensive prices to make some home made chocolate chip cookies, which would be much more appreciated by the players.

Regardless of the characters in the game, Muffin had a really good time playing and interacting with everyone's character. noeticist was playing a really lucky half-drow psion that seemed to get through everything by a hair and just didn't seem to pay attention to Muffin's character, despite the loveability. mrblackwood was playing a monk with a naginata that obviously really liked Muffin's character a lot, cause he kept on telling Muffin's character to be quiet, and carried him around to places in order to go. bogosort played as a lizard man whose spells obviously catered toward being descended from dragons. jameel was playing a kobold who fled from kobold society with a dire weasel. All and all, Muffin enjoyed this game a lot. All of the characters got to interact with the others, and show off a bit of what they do. He was pleased to know that his chocolate chip cookies were so much of a hit that no one bothered even trying the other snacks that were brought to the game by other players.

After the game, Muffin decided to attend Mason's BBQ party. Unfortunately he was unable to convince Sarah to come along, so Muffin just went with Lee to see who else would be there to hang out with while there. For the most part, it was almost entirely APO people, but Muffin enjoys hanging around with those people anyways. The ribs that Mason had cooked were excellent, and the other food was fairly tasty as well. Dan Hook had brought cookies, and upon having one, Muffin realized that Dan Hook's cookies were far superior to his own, and thus resolved to make better cookies for future consumption. He wondered if that cooking group that he and Lee started would ever get started. Most likely if people decided to get unapathetic, it might begin, but the chances of that happening are rather slim as everyone is particularly lazy. People had decided to start discussing their relationship situations and he decided to act in an extremely flamboyant and decidedly gay fashion. This unfortunately destroyed any people's conceptions that Muffin was straight, and all of his efforts from before had been for naught. Lots of fun and interesting conversations happened at the party, and Muffin deemed that it was a success.

On the way back, Muffin contemplates his livejournal about Lee's life. His own thoughts about not having a girlfriend seem cause him to project them onto his perception of Lee, since as far as Muffin knows, Lee doesn't have a girlfriend. Perhaps this is that projection thing that everyone keeps talking about, but it probably doesn't have anything to do with projecting one's emotions onto other people. This probably isn't important, so Muffin moved onto thinking about other, more important things, like a recipe for tasty pie, a potential way of proving that P=NP, and even the mating rituals of kobolds.
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Date:September 1st, 2002 11:34 pm (UTC)

Mating rituals of kobolds?

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Tell me more. It might be something I can put in the Complete Guide....
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Date:September 2nd, 2002 08:17 am (UTC)
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Ooh, very nice. Very accurate, too, except that this is my second year as a grad student. With luck, I'll be able to use "that" line in character next time...
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Date:September 2nd, 2002 12:52 pm (UTC)
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muffin needs to lay off the pine nuts.
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Date:September 3rd, 2002 08:53 pm (UTC)
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wait a sec... hair... cut?
even when i do move here, i am so not in the loop..
bah! it matters not..